Virtual Classroom Solution: Technology Trends Reshaping Education in 2020


Technology has changed how we look at our surroundings. Virtual Class Solution is one which can make a huge difference. With different path-breaking technologies developing each year, we are observing enormous changes in various spheres, education is no exception.

Staying aware of the emerging technology trends can majorly affect how education bestow through virtual class solution today. It will help offer students with the most recent opportunities and unique learning experiences that they require and deserve

However, what precisely are the educational technology trends that have been making significant waves in recent years? Here’s a list of the 7 technology trends in the ongoing education environment that you ought not to pass up!


Digital books have brought an extreme transformation in the universe of education, with higher education gradually adopting the digital era. Gaining from plain course readings in customary study halls isn’t energizing and would be obsolete soon. Digital books and Tablets are drawing in and help spare numerous textbooks consistently.

Textbooks are getting costlier as they need to revise or updated every few years. Textbooks are normally utilized for seven years before another edition is release, not giving youngsters access to the latest data.

A Virtual Class Solution or a Tablet isn’t just cost-effective, however, it can without much of a stretch be updated with the latest information. It furnishes students with the best content at the most ideal prices!


With advanced technology, classrooms are presently being given a multi-audio-visual learning condition through intuitive whiteboards. Intuitive whiteboards are a brilliant method to help students learn better and engage them. They offer a tremendous opportunity in teaching the upcoming generation of students.

Interactive whiteboards support visual, sound-related, and kinesthetic learning styles, prompting reliable improvement in the learning outcomes. They help in teaching unique and complex concepts to the students in a more captivating and fun way. They also permit teachers to record their guidelines which can later  impart with the students for modification.


Remote learning through virtual classrooms is reshaping education more than ever. There are no restrictions of time and distance, and all one needs is a solid Wi-Fi connection combined with apt mobile technologies. High quality of learning is made workable for students by giving them access to teachers or topic specialists who may not  reach because of distance or time constraints.

Education can tailor to suit the necessities of the students when different technologies like video conferencing, social networking, pre-recorded videos, class discussions, and so forth are club together. The remote learning model additionally permits students who can’t attend classes virtually for any reason.


Gamification is the idea of applying game-design thinking to different classroom exercises to make them more captivating and fun. Educational video content is taken to the following level by including gamification. Interactive things are always simple to recollect and retain.

The learning process can become simpler with this methodology. Interactive gamification makes learning a positive experience, one that you don’t need to compel students to appreciate. So, the principle idea of interactive gamification is to challenge the students, let them feel incredible about conquering the test, at that point challenge them more


Another rising technology is Block-chain technology which is particularly valuable when there is a need to collaborate distributed data in a database. In the education sector, Block-chain can prove to be extremely valuable in assessing the executives, confirmation of student credentials, certificate verification, and so on. Life-long learning records can likewise overseen using Block-chain.

Learning, being an expansive process calls for effectively analyzing and tracking to comprehend the results better. A Virtual class solution utilizing Block-chain technology is reshaping how the learning practices of youngsters are monitor. It is helping educators to furnish students with targeted improvement to courses and assist them to deliver enhanced results.


Artificial Intelligence, otherwise called AI, is the most recent buzzword that is discovering its way into different sectors, including education. Ai has altered the way curriculums are being executed in schools and has brought forth innovative ideas. Today, there are different AI applications for training that have made learning progressively advantageous and customized.

On account of smart devices, educational materials are getting progressively available to students. AI has additionally brought about the automation of administrative jobs, permitting teachers to invest more time with students.

In the future, AI can likewise help in giving a detailed analysis of student performance in the examinations, as a teacher’s capacity to understand student performance has its limitations. According to studies, the adoption of AI in the education sector will explode over the next five years.


Taking everything into account, education is set to experience an enormous degree of reshaping from many emerging technologies. Students can utilize each of the above technology by looking into each one. By researching these, they get special insights of knowledge on exactly how they can get the best out of their usage.

As a student, you ought to be prepared to acknowledge technology to improve your learning experience. Good luck!

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