A New window for modern education - e-learning

A New Window to Modern Education: e-Learning

A Learning Portal is a shift from the traditional classroom teaching i.e., Modern Education where the students utilize free and interactive online examination materials rather than words…

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Top Common Problems Of Online Learning in 2020

Technology has become a fundamental part of our daily routine. Today, students are investing increasingly more energy in front of their screens, be it of a PC,…

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Online Education During Coronavirus Crisis

ONLINE EDUCATION We are living in the midst of what is potentially one of the greatest threats in the course of our lifetime to worldwide education. A…

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Virtual Classroom Solution: Technology Trends Reshaping Education in 2020

VIRTUAL CLASS SOLUTION Technology has changed how we look at our surroundings. Virtual Class Solution is one which can make a huge difference. With different path-breaking technologies developing…

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Online Examination Software: E-Learning Portal

INTRODUCTION E-Learning today has overwhelmed the world and helped make learning on the go, a norm. However, students approach numerous forms of content through Online Examination Software…

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Learning Management system

Orientation Training on LMS

Online Employee orientation ― acquainting new hires with their new environment and giving them the essential information, they require to begin being productive ― is a significant…

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Current Trends in Online Education

Online education has profoundly changed the landscape of present-day education. We’re learning in a new and progressively liquid environment, one ready with open doors for students of…

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Learning Management System

Benefits of LMS in Quality Assurance Training

EDINSO LMS gives you the power to incorporate certifications and requirements of various quality compliance organizations into the Learning Management System. Therefore, you can embed electronic signatures,…

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learning management system

Choosing the right LMS

Learning Management System is a quintessential tool to deliver online education, be it academic or professional. The numbers of organizations opting for a Learning Management System increases…

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Corporate Learning Management System

Is Online Learning Management System same as E-learning Software?

e-Learning: The term e-Learning is an expansive idea that portrays learning material conveyed on the web which has a huge amount of advantages. eLearning is a period…

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