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Learning Management System(LMS) – Education Online

Learning Management System is the ideal and unique portal by Multigraphics Group for E-learning, Online Classes, Training and Development, Two-way communication, Online Assessment with String Analytics, widely used in corporate, universities, institutes, schools, coaching institutes, government, semi-government organizations. Now a day’s skill development programmers of Central and State Government extensively using the LMS Portal. Multigraphics […]


The New Way to Learn

As a university student from the 90s, it was hard for me to grasp the concept of e-learning. But now that I have developed a knack for it I could argue that it is a much developed and modern way of teaching and learning. The old method of teaching is effective but not the most […]

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Smart learning for a smart future IN 2020

In today’s day and age blackboard and chalks have taken retirement. Everything is driven by smart solutions with the help of technology. Modern-day classrooms have scaled up the use of digitized pedagogical tools such as audio-visual presentations, 3-D modeling, and online classes. The world we live in today is complex and rich with information. New […]