OSCAN OMR SOFTWARE(OMR Answer sheet Checker)


  • In a competitive world like ours, innovation has made life simpler and we experience the best of it. Additionally, every field encounters the tremendous advantage of it. Whether it is the education industry or professional associations. Practically, all the areas rely upon innovation. Today, every area conducts tests and to make it simpler, each educational organization, HR firms & government enrollment offices have selected an OMR answer sheet checker. It is program to check the answer sheets without any biasness. Thus the tests led through OMR sheets are normally objective or multiple-choice questions. It gives fast and best outcomes.


Assessing and evaluating any kinds of sheets like admission forms, examination answer sheet, psychometric tests or feedback forms from surveys. Moreover the establishments that conduct tests and practices test sessions can utilize this product as it saves time and doesn’t need excess of labor. OSCAN OMR Software is essentially utilized by educational establishments for conducting objective tests. OMR software gives the best experience of working with OMR Sheets.

OSCAN software is design in a way that different sets of test papers can assess automatically. Therefore, it holds the ability to assess 100 sheets in a minute. Different versions of the OMR software are available where the speed of assessing sheets is a lot higher.

This software is utilized for evaluating and assessing OMR answer sheets.

It is utilized to compare the responses of the students with the answer key. After evaluation, it offers an itemized report of the answers.

OSCAN Software is utilize for different tests where unlimited students can show up for the test. So this product takes into account image processing and one can even utilize Black and White Printed OMR sheets to deal with the outcome.

To scan the OMR answer sheets, you have to either have a flatbed or ADF scanner which is effectively accessible on the lookout and effectively reasonable. Thus with the assistance of the ADF scanner, you can examine the OMR answer sheet where OSCAN software will peruse the appropriate answer sheet and create the outcome.

It gives 100% accurate outcomes. Subject-wise and topic-wise outcomes can be segregate. Further, you have the choice to create results according to your prerequisites.


With the assistance of OSCAN OMR Software, you can make various sorts of reports, for example, tabular reports, graphical reports, mark sheets and so on.

  • OSCAN OMR Software has many advantages which can read numerous sets of answer sheets in a small fraction of a minute. This blog will be useful to you ideally and Multigraphics Group can help you in the field of OMR!

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