Online Exam Software to create Exams & Assessment during COVID-19


An Online examination System Software is a web-based application which is used for conducting online based examinations through the internet on computer devices. It is an effortless and adoptable approach for conducting online examinations. Many businesses have been impact due to COVID-19  induced lockdowns. There are many schools, institutions closures & social distancing everywhere. In this we learnt about how Online Examination System During Covid-19

Governments are taking various initiatives across countries to prevent these pandemic situations. Also guide Universities and higher education systems to adapt to virtual platform of learning . Guides several schools, universities & institutions and give instruction to cover lectures, exams, evaluations & analysis, and result updating . These technology is measures to promote education, and bring awareness related to the value of online platforms.

As the government announced suddenly their is a curfew from Saturday onwards, then only the platform we all have is virtual interaction. Thus the impact of this Education is suffering a lot. During lockdown Virtual classes might work for online learning and teaching, but “how it possible to conduct online examinations during COVID-19 ?”

Thus it is possible to conduct an online examination system during COVID-19?Both Educational and corporate sectors use assessments as a major source of knowledge for student learning and candidate skills across the globe. Seeing the increasing requirement of assessments & online exams at such a wide range it is being notice that online examination software will become the future of exam management. Moreover, the current COVID-19 situation has turned the tables, making the online source of assessments the most important for conduct examination.

As Online examination software is now becoming the most trending easy  technology of 2021 to conduct exams.

How to manage the Academic Exams & Assessment  Digitally during Covid-19 (Pandemic situation)? Here are a few ways:

“It is not only about conducting exams & assessments online mode (digitally), but about taking care of error-free exams where the students have their virtual interaction without any hassle.

  • Secured & Safety examination papers
  • Quick result generation
  • Personalized Login for every student
  • Avoid confusion among students
  • Increases concentration level
  • login at once
  • Test pin is valid at once
  • Doesn’t do any unfair practices
  • Remote proctoring
  • Ens to End activity control.

Let’s go through its many features and know what makes it so special from others.

Online exam
Online examination system software


  • CREATE YOUR OWN WEB-PAGE:  Education Institution need to generate a accurate question papers  keeping in mind the safety & security factors . EDINSO ONEX is the end to end solution for this.
  • QUESTION BANK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:    The best examination software solution helps in creating question papers which consist of various types of format i.e., MCQs, Subjective question & Descriptive question. These papers were easily uploaded in bulk and conduct smoothly online examination.
  • MOBILE APPLICATION: Nowadays, In large number of population is engaged with mobile apps which are most important to conduct the exams in online mode.
  • ADVANCED ANALYTICS & RESULT GENERATION:   Advanced analytics is most important for every organization, schools & institutions. ONEX consist high level accuracy which helps in generating the result easily and quickly. It also ensure the reliability of the Online Examination. It provided end to end solution for online exams. Highly secured software. 


Multigraphics Group is the best online examination software which is used in various institutions, coaching centers, schools & Universities, who always prefer to stay prepared for facing any difficulties . Our online/assessment platform helps in conducting online exams digitally in the real-time world . By doing Remote proctoring we can put a check on the candidates who has appeared in online examination, so there’s no scope of cheating involved.

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