What is online examination system?

As schools, colleges and other educational institutions are close to agree to social distancing and mobility lockdown measures, training and examinations have taken a significant toll. The Online Examination System serves to completely automate the old manual technique of conducting tests. 

When educational institutions are falling back on deferring their examinations or making changes to their current learning plans, Multigraphics Group is offering a range of digital solutions for training and learning continuity. 

Multigraphics Group’s educational technology gives a platform to conduct term and selection tests, summer internship evaluations for final year students, scholarship assessments and tests and offer certifications that are currently being utilized by over 150+ institutions. These virtual platforms have discovered various takers in the past with the government’s expanded emphasis on transforming India into a digitalized economy, yet with the 

COVID-19 emergency, there has been a 70-80% rise in the demand for such stages. 

Colleges, globally, can lead these examinations virtually on computerized platforms in a safe, credible, authentic, and versatile way from anytime, anyplace. Online Examination Systems seek to proficiently evaluate the test 

partakers altogether through a completely computerized system that spares time as well as give quick outcomes. The Online Examination System serves to completely automate the old manual technique of conducting tests. 

Typically, it is complete through a Web-Based Online Examination Software or and Intranet variant. It additionally eliminates the requirement for observing while the test taken. All instructions are shown to the test taker before the tests start. 

To viably conduct an examination, 3 significant parts must  cater for effectively which are:  


  • Production of tests – Obviously, a test should be made. Examiners can make tests on the web. The content likewise must be kept safely until the assessment begins.  
  • Supervision of the examination – Students must be productively recognized, and screened to guarantee that they do not compromise the standards of the tests.  
  • Checking of the Exams – Marking is a definitive stage in any examination as it decides the success or failure of the candidate. It is the stage that directs the following degree of success and accomplishment in life. 


A significant feature of utilizing a web-based exam software or an online examination system is that it gives an elevated level of transparency instead of the conventional technique or remote method. It is practically difficult to compromise exam questions and assessments since they can’t  influence. Most online tests generate their results instantly and it is frequently feasible for the test taker to get data on his results right away.

Some of the significant advantages of online examination incorporate the following: 



The security and privacy of a test are critical if the test is to hold its worth. Arranged exams should be safely kept. Any leakage will compromise the standard of the examination and may result in a cancellation or a retake. 



Tests is  conduct anywhere. All a student needs is a PC with an internet connection. A student needn’t bother with a long drive to the center as long as these necessities are met. This additionally implies that many students can take similar tests over a wide spread of areas.  



At the point when a test is place online, it brings in significant cost savings. The cost of paper, copying, and distribution costs are totally decreased or eliminated. The elimination of paper costs alone is remarkable.  



Online Examination Systems utilize computers that helps in saving time. With the widespread accessibility of computers and the internet, there is general agreeableness and support of this system. The lengthy 

formalities and procedures engaged with making question papers, enlisting candidates for tests, answer sheet assessment and declaration of results are totally eradicated with the online test system. 


MG Group takes into account all education needs with its wide array of online assessments and remote proctoring products which are detail on

The online examination management system is the way of the future. It is the initial phase in better understanding and analyzing absorption obviously material by students, review of said material, the viability of teaching techniques being utilized in a classroom.  

It is additionally a simple method to gather information to assess a student’s presentation over the long-term. Thus the results represent themselves as it benefits all stakeholders in the educational environment – instructors, students, parents, and school management. 

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