OMR Software | OMR Scanner | OMR Solutions: How it Works?

“OMR Software stands for Optical Mark Recognition Software. It is software that allows the person to design, print, scan, read and analyze any OMR sheet.”

Moreover, OMR software can install on any computer and laptop. So, what makes it different from scanners?

It is all about the scanning eminence!

Its scanning quality is efficient and time-saving as it can scan hundreds of OMR Sheets within a minute.

Yes, it is possible! Now let’s talk about the OMR Scanner a little bit.

An OMR Scanner is particularly a machine that scans the OMR Sheets. At first, we used this technology for scanning the OMR Sheets because we were not much advance in this domain. But now, we can design, print, and analyze it in one software on your computer/laptop.

Basic facts you must know about the OMR Software!

OMR Software has many inevitable features which make it well-grounded in corporations and institutions. Some of them are:-

  • OMR Software can access and check a large number of sheets without consuming a huge amount of time — It can check a large amount of raw data on OMR sheets and convert it into meaningful and detailed results.
  • It minimizes the manpower- It is highly efficient and easy to utilize due to in-built AI which results in the reduction of manpower by 90%.
  • It is time-saving: It is a time saver as it analyses the sheets and gets the results in no time. You don’t need to assemble the data as it will done automatically.
  • The reports can be share effortlessly: The reports are in PDFs, Access, XML, CSF, and DBF format. As a result, you can share them with anyone, anytime, and anywhere.
  • Can detect cheating easily: The software can detect cheating as well with the help of an integrated AI feature by comparing repetitive erroneous answers.
  • Doesn’t need any particular scanners: It doesn’t need any kind of specified scanners to scan the OMR Sheets. You can use automated or flatbed scanners under convenience, scanning needs, and budget.
  • Can scan the sheets with tick marks- Yes, some software can scan the sheets with tick marks too. So no need to worry about filling the bubbles accurately.
  • It can read different types of OMR Sheets- It can read the different kinds of OMR Sheets like carbonless sheets, single, duplex, colored and black and white, etc.
  • Can design the sheets: Yes, you can design the sheets as per your requirements and change them. You will get ample templates to choose from and edit information.
  • Highly secured and safe- For security measures, you can also add barcodes, holograms, etc.
  • Can also detect the fold/ skew OMR sheets- There is some novel software that also can detect the fold /skew OMR sheets as well.


There are mainly three types of software:

  1. OMR Reader Software- OMR Reader Software stands for “Optical Mark Reader Software “. It is wholly dedicate to optical marks that is highlight in small bubbles.

2. OCR Reader Software- OCR Reader stands for” Optical Character Recognition” which automatically shows that it is dedicated to the characters that are written or printed on the OMR sheets.

3. OMR And OCR Reader software- This type of software can read both optical marks and characters which are present on OMR sheets.

Pros and Cons of OMR software

Pros of the OMR Software are :

  • There is no need to process data manually because it is ingeniously design like this which minimize the mistakes due to inbuilt AI technology.
  • It is highly accurate and most efficient technology which results in meaningful reports.

Cons of the OMR Software are:

  • If the pencil marks are light, the system will not detect the OMR sheets
  • If the OMR Sheet gets torn/folded, the scanner will not detect it.

Applications of OMR software

OMR Software use in various sectors for creating and evaluating quizzes, checklists, forms, surveys, and voting. Some of the sectors are:

  • Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Coaching
  • Ballots
  • Stores
  • Health and medical industries
  • Businesses
  • Institutes

While doing various researches regarding the best OMR software, I got to know about the “OSCAN OMR SOFTWARE. This software has novel qualities and features which makes it inevitably the best OMR Software.


  • It is ingeniously design like this so that it can analyze 500–600 sheets in one minute.
  • It can make meaningful reports from raw data efficiently.
  • OSCAN not only detect the folded/skew OMR sheets but also detect the tick marks filled in bubbles.
  • You can add holograms, barcodes, and other security things for safety and security purpose
  • It can read any kind of OMR Sheets whether it is carbonless or black and white.
  • You can design the OMR Sheets as per your requirements as it will provide you with a huge number of templates.


Through this, we get to know about the OMR Software and how it came into existence. It comes with consummate assistance and solutions which is capable of doing each functionality that is required without any fall behind.

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