A New Window to Modern Education: e-Learning

A Learning Portal is a shift from the traditional classroom teaching i.e., Modern Education where the students utilize free and interactive online examination materials rather than words crammed paper course books.

Internet is a baffling world in reality. How we associate, how we act, how we see the world – it has reclassified everything. Along with that, step by step, it turned into an incredible instrument of training before we could know.

These portals work like a free central directory or archive containing a range of study and preparing materials in the form of interactive and training recordings, websites, PDF documents and so on.


There are various Advantages of these Learning Portals in the field of Modern Education:

  • You can search for what’s happening in your field of education. The most recent events, prescribed courses fit for your profile, online libraries and discussion forums.
  • You get the benefit of 24*7 online learning. Hundreds and more examination materials, interactivity, social networking with your companions with no individual expense per feature.
  • A Customized learning environment where you are allowed to pick the preferred platform for training.
  • There are portals where you’ll be able to get almost all questions and answers for any subject.


By using Multimedia features and user-centric data impartation system, learning portals provide a lot of freedom of alternatives and selection to the students, enable the faculties and establishments to remain connected with them and open a brand-new window of effective teaching to the tutors.


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