Online Education During Coronavirus Crisis


We are living in the midst of what is potentially one of the greatest threats in the course of our lifetime to worldwide education. A gigantic Educational crisis. Nowadays , Online Education i`s taking an boom in the digital world.

Governments are taking a variety of measures to control the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) – from “Social Distancing” to Lockdowns. Thus Even those nations with few affirmed cases are feeling its effects economically.

What should we be stressed over in this period of crisis that may immediately affect children and the youth?


Fortunately, we are seeing a great deal of creativity in numerous nations. So As it should be, numerous ministries of education are worried that depending solely on online strategies will infer reaching just youngsters from better-off families. Thus the proper procedure in many nations is to utilize all possible delivery modes with the infrastructure that exists today. Utilizing online tools to guarantee that lesson plans, recordings, tutorials and different assets are accessible for students and likely, teachers, etc.

Institutions and Students are switching to the online platform to proceed with their education system with the help of technology. However, Online learning is an exceptionally advantageous mode for students. Thus it may, it requires self-discipline, time management skills, determination and a strong motivation, as it might be challenging for students to keep at it with a similar degree of dedication as is possible in traditional homerooms.


One of the best online teaching platforms is MG EDINSO Live class software with LMS by Multigraphics Group which ensures that the best quality of education is delivered to the students through institutions by taking into account this educational software.

Why go in for EDINSO Live class solution with LMS? Let’s throw some light on the same.


For the education process to be complete, it is necessary to remove the barriers of communication between the teachers and the students . Thus, enabling two-way communication between them.


In our traditional classrooms, teachers share various resources for teaching the students face-to-face. Unlike this approach, with EDINSO Live Class Software (, teachers can share their screen and thus, share these resources on the online platform for example: in the form of PowerPoint Presentations, PDF files, Word documents, Interactive Videos and Tutorials, etc., improving communication and increasing transparency in the education process.


Various institutions have security fears concerning data and privacy. EDINSO Live class software with LMS ( has various encrypted methodologies in order to assist institutions, schools, colleges, corporates and every industry , etc., to maintain the security measures and deliver live sessions smoothly.


Our software is an end-to-end solution for institutions. You can also manage and take entire control of the Portal and the Software.

Along with that, we also promote the participation of multiple hosts in the teaching process at the same time. It enables institutions to make the learning process more efficient and effective.

Thus, Multigraphics Group ( works 24*7 to make the education process simpler for all the institutions, schools, colleges as well as organizations, etc. You Name It, We Have It!

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