Idea Solution for eLeaning Software Solution in 2020

Learning Management System is Idea Solution for Online Education E- Learning than the Live Class. It has been observed during the Covid 19 that the Live Class is not perfect Ideal Solution for E- Learning. Online Classes, students getting bored, stressed, strained, loose attention after some time, mentally and physically stressed, instead of concentrating on class, they start avoiding the class. After muting the mike and video, they engage in some other work. Even Parents & Other member of family also start irritating, as they also disturbed. Sometime, voice is not audible, start cracking because of poor net connectivity, this also breaks the concentration of student.

Multigraphics Group team researched and analyzed how to make Online Education E Learning more and more effective.

Instead of giving the Live Class, we should record all the video of lectures, content, notes and animated ppt, on the white labeled portal. The lecture duration should not be more than 30 minutes. This keeps the student continuations concentration. Student can view the class any number of time.

The Chatting, Discussion form can be 10 minutes of each topic, to resolve the query. So that can be live or any time on the Learning Management System Portal.

After small 30 minute class, doubt season, there should be simple level exam to access what student have learn in the recorded class. Question paper can generated from the question bank.

Multigraphics Group has also integrated the Advance reporting with Colored Graphical reports to access the strength and weakness of student and what corrective measures has to be taken for improve.

Further, Multigraphics Group strongly recommend the high end hardware for E learning Solution for to make E-learning more effective.

MG Edinso Learning Management System by Multigraphics is the comprehensive solution solution for Online Education E learning.

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