Online Education, a term which you must have heard during this crucial time, and maybe this is what the whole education system is dependent on due to current scenarios. In the past few months, Online Education has proved its Importance to the whole world as the Education System of the Whole World relay on these two words.

Due to the Pandemic, Online Education has played a major role to provide the education to the Students, but! Due to limited resources available in Online Education, it’s been complicated for both tutors and students to give and take knowledge respectively. So in this article, we will discuss how to make Online Education more effective for both the communities.

Tutors or teachers a community that we say as a role model for the growth of a country, who guides the young talents of the country and plays a major role to improve the literacy, rate of the country. In a country like India where we are following traditional education since education started, it’s been really tough for the teachers to come out of that tradition and educate the youth with the help of technology. And this happened because tutors are not aware of how to utilize the available resources as per their needs. So, in my opinion, the first step to making online education make more effective we should provide pieces of training to our teachers, for how to use the available resources to maintain the decorum of education and their sessions have given online.

Another approach to be followed to make online education more effective for the students is by increasing their interest level for Online Education and in order to do this teachers can make animated videos to clear the concepts to students. To keep students engaged in online education we can also implement Gamification to increase the interest level of the students in studies.

As we all know in online education we can’t keep students sit for studies for a long time so we should reduce the time limits for the online lectures so that students should not lose their interest during classes. We can also make the online classes interactive by conducting online quizzes during the classes so that students should focus on the lecture.

These can be the first step towards making online education more effective and beyond that, the other community involved in this process should also be cooperative and if they are not then we should improve the technology on different parameters and make that easy to use for the tutors or teachers.