How Online Exam Portal is beneficial in Conducting the Pre Exams, Post Exams & Surveys

Initially, all the Pre Exams, Post Exams, Entrance Exams, Recruitment Exams, Political Surveys to judge voting trend, Statics Scientific Surveys, Marketing Surveys & their analysis were conducted manually, it takes month years in completion of all the activity. There were a lot of chances of human error & human manipulations.

Since the Omr Sheet, Omr Sheet Scanning & Processing came into existence, it becomes very easy in analyzing & completing each activity in days. The Whole process becomes very fast, easy, simple, trusted & reliable solution, no chances of human error & human manipulation.

Omr Sheet Scanning Solution to conduct the Exams requires some manpower involvement & Omr Answer Sheet printing & transportation.

This is technology is going to be replaced with Online Exam Portal Solution.

Multigraphics is the first leading company in India, who starts printing the Omr Sheet in multiple parts, one candidate copy, second office/ record copy & third is candidate copy with all security features. There is no chance of human error & human manipulations. Omr sheets are so accurate with 105 gsm paper, all makes perfect for omr sheet scanning without error. It helps to bring a fast evaluation of the result.

Again, Multigraphics is the first company who developed the Online Exam Portal, utilizing its 25-year expertise, all the drawbacks of Hardware-based technology taken into account, thus making the whole process very simple, efficient, fast, transparent & accurate.

A questionnaire is uploaded at the time of Exam, so no chance of question paper leak during paper setting, printing, transportation & storage.

Proctoring of Exam being done through webcam & CCTV, surveillance can be done through a centralizing system, window change is also not possible during the exam, so no chance of copying.

Strong Graphical Analytic reports the strength, weakness & improvement areas of a student.

All the Pre & Post Exams, Entrance Exams, Professional Exams, Recruitment Exams, Political Surveys, Marketing & Static Surveys are conducted through Online Technology Solution all over the world nowadays.

At our set, this Online exam technology is so much economical, hence very much affordable.

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