Schools and colleges hold examinations all the time whether it is for interior reason or for outer (Entrance test).

A major volume of students stepping through exams in these schools or colleges gave them the unmanageable errand of information assembling and preparing. Additionally, the attendance procedure included is exceptionally awkward and wasteful. Different errors and dangers that these schools and colleges needed to confront incorporate Data mismatch, data inaccuracy, and data theft. So as to take into account the previously mentioned issues, a progressively exact, helpful yet secure approach must be utilized.

Things have changed essentially throughout the years in training area. With the approach of innovation, OMR Software has been utilized to tackle the issues of numerous colleges, schools, state and focal training sheets.

The majority of the semester tests are subjective, Multigraphics innovative OMR based solution, ONEX (OMR subjective marking solution) has helped numerous colleges to convey the results in a shorter range of time.

Multigraphics solutions exclusive for schools are related to registration, attendance monitoring and assessments. For student enrolment purposes, schools could use student data given in the OMR structure which can legitimately be mapped with the current ERPs’ of schools. Multigraphics point by point result processing and attendance checking instruments help instructors to break down their student’s results and their participation, both of which can be transferred onto the cloud, empowering guardians to see the performance of their wards. A feedback system is likewise utilized by numerous Educational establishments so as to evaluate their personnel execution also.