More than half of the educational institutions in India use eLearning as a mode to impart knowledge. According to various researches and trends, the institutions which are still using the traditional methods are willing to digitize and automate the learning process. You must be wondering how can you do this in the ongoing COVID-19 situation? So, how can you choose the right Learning Management System for your institution?

After proper research, our experts have curated a step-by-step roadmap for you! So this is the perfect solution for choosing the best learning management system for your institution.

Step 1: Identify Your Requirements
Clearly define goals and objectives

To get the best learning management system, you need to clearly define your goals and objectives. This means, ask yourself the question, “What do you need the Learning management system for?”

In order to do that, you need to categorize your objectives as good goals and bad goals. You need to take into consideration your vision, mission and aim. This will help you determine the reason for which you wish to set up an LMS.

Some of your goals and objectives can include:

Approach eLearning companies who offer LMS to institutions, tutors and corporates.

  • Making the teaching process more efficient.
  • Evaluating and assessing the learning imparted to your learners.
  • To check the knowledge grabbed by your employees about various topics.
  • Being a part of the evolution of Education.
  • And Also Providing study material and courses at a global level.
Know your target audience

When you are choosing the best learning management system, it’s important to determine for whom are you setting up the same. So you need to define who your target audience is and how you will train them.

For instance, a business house can set up a learning management system to train its employees about the various products and their features. So After training them about the same, their managers can also evaluate and assess their knowledge through the eLearning portal itself.

Apart from that, various educational institutions can digitize their learning process through this LMS. They can also provide study material, courses and educational concepts through this portal. Thus along with that, they can conduct tests, prepare reports and generate proper analytics of the performances.

One of the best learning management systems which enable you to perform all these tasks is EDINSO LMS. It is not only pocket-friendly but even user-friendly!

Step 2: Characterize Your LMS Needs

After defining your goals, objectives and target audience clearly, you need to curate a list of your LMS requirements. This step is done to identify the best fit for your institution.

You can also prepare this list by either identifying your business categories or what your target audience wishes to get from your platform.

Some of the features which EDINSO LMS offers to impart the best knowledge possible are:

  • Delivering content across the globe.
  • Smooth course creation.
  • Student and study material management.
  • Personalized login and assign tests.
  • Access information anytime, anywhere and from any location.
  • 24×7 support & access to content.
  • Also Performance tracking tools.

There is much more to this list which Multigraphics Group offers. Check it out now!

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Step 3: Conduct Market Survey

Once you have curated a list of the various features you expect in your perfect LMS, explore the market. Conduct a market survey to know the best players who offer the perfect LMS for your business. Firstly, to get started, you can search for various local vendors who offer this solution and compare their pricing and features.

One more way of identifying the perfect LMS for your business is to ask your friends and colleagues. You can get to know about the working of the LMS they are using.

Moreover, this will help you create a list of around 10-15 eLearning platforms to start with.

Step 4: Assess the Vendors

After you have created a list of 10-15 vendors, its time to dig deeper and learn more about the LMS they offer. So In this step, your goal is to shortlist 3-5 vendors from your existing list.

Look-through their websites
  • You would first want to look through the vendors websites. Look for the description of the LMS, the necessary features you are looking for and what clients have to say (testimonials).
  • Pay attention to detail and how long they have been in the market. Read various reviews and success stories from clients.
  • You can even visit their YouTube channel to watch videos about their product and its working.
  • Even EDINSO LMS has explained its products in detail on its channel and website. You can also watch-through all its videos to get in-depth knowledge.
Ask for a demonstration and test the portal
  • After looking through the website, reviews and various product
  • videos, you can ask the vendor to give you a demo of the LMS.
  • This will help you test the portal and get to know about its working.
  • You can invite your course developer or heads to be a part of this testing. They can have various valid points to put forward.
  • And Before ending the demo session, make sure you are completely satisfied and have cleared all your doubts.
Step 5: Pick the Best LMS

Once you have shortlisted 3-5 vendors from the previous step, you can finalize your vendor through various methods. Thus one of these methods can be sending a list of your required features. The can tick-off the features they can provide and which they can’t.

You must prioritize your features as per your business needs.

You can give a shot to EDINSO LMS by Multigraphics Group and schedule for a free demo today!

You can get all your required features with EDINSO. It is developed by experts who know exactly what you need!

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