Digital Shift of Education

The Digital shift in the field of education due to the COVID-19 crisis has changed the educational era completely. It has significantly changed the way human beings learn. Unlike the traditional classroom method of teaching, online teaching or more referred to as E-learning has transformed the way students and learners grab the concepts.

Online learning has many benefits which have proved to be game-changers like:

Customized learning

Unlike traditional classrooms, an online classroom is an opportunity for students and learners to grab the concepts at their own pace. Mainer schools and institutions had realized the importance of this and are willing to inculcate this in their educational system!

Personalized, Relevant and Contextualized learning is one which offers tailored-based learning to students.

Extended learning opportunities

Online learning has expanded the learning opportunities for students and learners concerning the availability of courses, time frame, flexibility, etc.

Thus, offering legitimate, diverse and rich opportunities.

One of the main benefits that online learning serves is that students can access any type of courses, at any point of time with the comfort of their homes and in any language, whichever is preferable to them!

High engagement and competency-based learning

This digital shift in our educational system can boost the morale of our students.

Online teaching and learning have transformed the way education was delivered before and thus, it has given birth to a competitive environment with a huge amount of competition.

E-Learning helps learners to gain knowledge and compete with others in a friendly manner.

Quality-based learning

Digital learning offers a variety of options to students w.r.t the tools and study material they wish to access.

Online learning is one which offers a wide range of learning options. This is very beneficial for everyone who wishes to learn online and grasp knowledge.

These days, Online Classrooms are being conducted which have become a necessity. Multigraphics group is a pioneer in this field with its product EDINSO Live Class Software!

Stay tuned to know some of the benefits you’ll be getting!

Our online live class solution cooperates with various hosts in showcasing their teaching method in order to teach students and learners online so that they can learn anytime, anywhere and in any location.

Our virtual classroom solution ensures proper agreement conditions between the teachers and the students in order to conduct these classes with decorum. We try our best to make the learning experience interactive and effective!

We support our online teaching solution with our EDINSO LMS which assists with making and regulating courses, your website, and so forth. Thus the purpose of this online teaching solution is to make a strong and appropriate classroom to pass on!


Our live meetings offer a chat window framework which allows students to interact with the instructor and with one another through a little chat box which helps them in clearing their doubts, incorporate themselves in conversations, find solutions regarding a specific idea, etc.

And so on.

We help educators go that extra mile to convey smooth education to the students . And also learner in order to impart a great learning experience!

MG EDINSO Live Class Software is one which isn’t just pocket-friendly. But additionally, easy to understand and helps to fulfil the necessities and prerequisites of each Institution and Organization.

We at Multigraphics Group offer our assistance to develop online teaching internationally!

To start your online teaching platform, contact us today!

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