Conduct of Online Examination during COVID-19 & How to manage Academic Exam?

Academic institutions closed down for a handful of weeks to a month because of coronavirus eruption across the globe. Numerous educational exams cancel or delay. Covid-19 has already declared as a world pandemic by WHO. Educational institutes and universities try to spot new ways. In which to complete educational years for faculties, schools, or instruction sectors. It is best to Conduct online examinations for primary, schools, and institutions. Several students are preparing for government exams but it is quite difficult to manage all the examinations conducted online.

Government exams are likely to be postponed shortly.

To conduct online examinations government has taken several online platforms to access the exams.

Online Examination System 

Online examination system may be a technology-driven software that simplifies the process of the examination system. Thanks to modifying traditional examination activities with the modern exam patterns with question banks, process examination timer, objective/subjective questions.

Conduct Online Examinations Systems may be efficient and climbable. Thanks to converting ancient pen and paper-based exams to online and paperless mode. Candidates will appear for the examination against any desktop, laptop, or mobile device with a browser. Thus Examination results are generat instantly for the target sort of queries.

However, the examination method is one of all the crucial aspects of the tutorial cycle. The proper analysis of scholars is crucial to know the progress of the co-educational in terms of data gained, abstract perception of the topic. The traditional communication method used where ever students square measures requested to assemble at the examination center to down. Institutes ought to determine and adopt new ways, suggesting that they conduct the online examination method of the scholars.

Why Education institutes conduct Examination 

The government is asking numerous entities are various institutions to work from home or perhaps. There be a pack up for educational establishments also as universities. Education establishments and universities face excellent challenges in terms of finishing their tutorial cycle and conducting exams.

Basic work flow of remote proctoring: 

  1. Remote candidates log certain online exams employing a secure browser.
  2. The remote user shows associated positive identification and also the system to capture the picture of the candidate.
  3. Proctor sitting at a remote location verifies one card and candidate’s photos and approves. If it is valid, otherwise it is rejected.
  4. The system monitors the user and user screen with continuous video/ image/ audio capturing methods.
  5. Proctor can initiative live to speak with candidates and pause/ terminate/ resume the communicating. If the proctor finds any unethical means of practicing.
  6. The administrator will read streaming live and recording at a later purpose of your time audit.

So if you think about the ancient state of affairs physical examination supervising is impossible in the current context of the world. However, due to the technology. You will be able to artificial Intelligence-powered Remote Proctoring technology. Which can assist you to conduct associate degree communication even for remote candidates.


  • The Covid-19 imprisonment has forced us to require a recent examine however exam square measures are conduct.
  • The shift to online teaching has highlighted the issues within the assessment system.
  • Redundant exams solely build up stress and no new understandings.

Their square measure varied academic institutes that wished to conduct the online examination. However attributable to this Covid-19 scare, they need to shift their entire examination method for the Remote Proctored online examination. The whole proctored examination method became seamless and every one security aspect of supervising square measures taken care of.


Examination of physical phenomenon and management will be effectively done. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic with the assistance of technology of AI-powered remote proctoring. It will serve a purpose wherever students will try online exams from their home and whole repetition. Examination malpractices will be prevented exploitation proctoring and streaming technology.

The method is sort of simple:

You would like to register for the remote proctored examination process. Then you will outline an internet examination. You can raise your students to look for the net examination from a foreign location. Whenever they have to own endless net association together with an online camera.

The web camera can assist you to capture the picture of those candidates. Then it will additionally assist you to record the whole activity of the candidates. The suitable possibility we have aimed Covid-19 pandemic is to conduct an online examination. There would be a substantial amount of servers if correct physical distancing is not maintaining well. To avoid wasting lives, this can be the right selection we would like to adopt. Thus Kinds of choices do not appear to be fruitful within the context of the present scenario.

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