Best Concepts of eLearning In 2020

eLearning has emerged as a boon for educators and learners alike in the recent years. With a never before seen level of automation, flexibility, and customizability, eLearning has addressed the grievances of the educational industry with extreme prejudice and has proven to be a blessing in this field.

eLearning works on a few key concepts which will be discussed further below –

Mixed Learning

Mixed learning is where we utilize different modalities of figuring out how to accomplish numerous objectives, make learning exciting and achieve harmony between real-time and virtual learning.

The Vark Model

The abbreviation VARK represents Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic. The model recommends that the students can be arranged into 4 types relying upon what kind of medium they incline toward for learning, for example, ones that lean towards visual preparing, second the individuals who learn by listening, third who adapt well by reading or writing and the fourth who learn by getting things done or seeing the actual activity.

Spaced Learning

Spaced learning helps students to deliver training/learning at successive intervals, in little lumps, instead of a one-time learning movement. It reduced the memory load on students and improves information maintenance.


Ideas created by a gathering of learning experts recommend that a student learns 70% by carrying out a task, 20 % by the help of friends or social learning and 10% through organizations formal learning and training infrastructure. eLearning encourages associations to make a learning framework that bolsters this idea.

Micro Learning

Microlearning or Learning nuggets are little lumps of content in any structure like Video, Infographics, digital recordings that keep going for 5-10 minutes and utilized in numerous methodologies like spaced learning, performance support system, just-in-time learning and so forth.

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