Advantages, Disadvantages & Cost Comparison of Online Examination, Omr Based Examination & Traditional Exams.

30 years back, mostly all exams were conducted by traditional & old methods, which were very lengthy, even takes years, in conducting small exams of 10 k students. First advertise in newspaper, then students / candidate apply, then scrutiny of application take place. After that admit cards were generated from the application form and dispatched by post. Due to Postal delay and postal errors in sending the application forms & admit card, some of students were not able to appear in the exams. It takes so much time. Similarly in exams, answer sheets has been dispatched for checking and that also take time. It became so lengthy process. These are the major drawbacks of manual examination takes time, manual and intentional errors, no secrecy, and so chances of manipulation, too much costly.

Looking into the Lengthy process and drawbacks of traditional exams, Omr Based Exam were preferred, being economical, fast solution, no time wastage in checking and admit card generation, as the candidate apply on line, admit card is generated form Omr Sheet, student down load it from website of exam conducting agency. Exam conducted on Omr Answer Sheet, so scanning & result generated through software and machines. So whole system is semi-automated so less time consuming. Whole activity takes 10% time in respect to traditional method. Highly economical, highly transparent solution, least chance of manipulations, no human error as software based solution, efficient solution. This solution is appreciated worldwide still preferred. This is the combination of some manual & automatic, so more reliable, trusted by leading universities, government organizations, corporate, schools, colleges, institutions, coaching & training institutes and political survey by political parties.

In the modern technology based exam is the Online Exams, equally transparent solution, fast, instant result, no paper leakage chances, as paper generated online, no manipulation. Students apply online, download admit card online, gives exam in the highly equipped computer labs. Result declared immediately. Onex Online Based Exam System developed by the Multigraphics Group is highly sophisticated technology; Its total dependency is the internet connectivity, poor net connectivity, some time causes hindrances in smooth running of exams by Multigraphics Group.

We discuss the price of each exam, taking the lot size of 10000 students as under-

  1. Online Based Exam per student Rs-250/- per exam per student.
  2. Omr Based Exam per Student- Rs 200/- per exam per student.
  3. Traditional Exam per student Rs-450/- per exam per student.

Multigraphics Group is the leading tech-driven software based comprehensive solution for Online and Omr Based Exam since 1995.