Best OMR Software for School | As Per CBSE Guidelines in 2021

As we all know, a revolutionary step has been taken by the CBSE that the pre-board examinations for classes 9th- 12th will be in Best OMR Software for School this year for promoting digitization in the education domain. During this pandemic, a lot of steps have been taken in each domain which leads to drastic changes like as we can see it as well. 

While conducting an OMR based examination there would be chances that  we will  face a lot of ups and downs depending upon the quality of  OMR software which would be up for grabs in the market. 

Moreover, students get a lot of advantages while sitting for this examination as there will be less burden of writing the answers in subjective mode. What they all  have to do is just  fill the small bubbles or tick mark the correct answers in OMR Sheets which will be provided to them. Eventually, it will save a lot of time and energy.

Not only for students, teachers will also get benefited with these examinations as the teachers used to check the whole answer sheets for evaluation. But now, they all just need to scan the OMR Sheets and the results will automatically appear on  the computer screen in the form of excel sheets. It is much more precise and highly efficient than checking the answer sheets manually. 

So what is the reason behind saying that the teachers will not need to check the answer sheets manually? 

Because, with having a lot of changes in this domain the related technologies also getting advance simultaneously that will be able to overcome all the challenges which the academicians and learners would face, 

“Oscan OMR Software” is the software which is the excellent option for the conduction of OMR Based examination. This software is presented by the Multigraphics Group. The company is much more proficient in this education domain as it has been contributing in this domain for more than 25 years and has +2000 reliable and delighted clients. 

Multigraphics Group

Multigraphics Group always believes in the quality of the products that they are producing and providing to their customers. That’s why institutions, schools and leading companies find the OSCAN OMR Software a really useful and efficient one in terms of quality standards. 

Through this software, schools and educational institutions can produce high- quality OMR Sheets for students. 


OSCAN OMR SOFTWARE has numerous features which have been enthralling to several schools and educational institutions. Some of them are: 

  • OSCAN OMR Software has ingeniously designed with Artificial Intelligence by the proficient and dedicated IITians software engineers with an aim of making the process hassle-free and easy.
  • It can detect the tick marks answers as well: Sometimes students mark the correct answers with tick marks instead of filling the bubble appropriately. For this the students had to face the deduction of marks, but now there will be no such things happening. The software can detect the tick marks and subjective characters as well. 
  • Easy to use: The respective academicians can easily design their OMR Sheets as per their needs, print, scan and get the results rapidly. 
  • Can share the result documents to anyone: Basically the excel document/reports are in PDFS, Access, XML, CSF and DBF format that’s why you can share it with anyone,anytime,and anywhere. 
  • Doesn’t require any particular scanners: The teachers can print the OMR Sheets on any type of scanners  whether it is an automated or flatbed one.
  • World’s fastest OMR Software: OSCAN OMR Sheets is the first software which gives you results in one minute with the same 100% accuracy while other softwares gets slow after processing 1000 sheets.  
  • The best feature of OSCAN OMR Software is that it can detect the skew, folded OMR Sheets as well because of having novel in-built AI. 
  • Teachers and faculty can access it easily: Teachers and faculties can access the software easily and efficiently. 
  • Safe and secure:- The software is wholly safe and secure and the teachers can add holograms and barcodes for safety and security to the OMR Sheets. 

There are numerous other features which makes this software a highly reliable and efficient OMR Software for schools and educational institutions. Hence, as per the client satisfaction, the OSCAN OMR Software is the best software for the conduction of OMR based examination for schools and educational institutions. 

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