Is the era of classrooms reaching an end? Is it giving birth to a live class solution-based era? Well, let’s have a look!

So Students and teachers have been continuously grasping e-learning for different reasons. When contrasted differently in relation to the ordinary classroom model, eLearning is fundamentally more accessible, absolutely supportive, and ordinarily moderate.

In any case, students and teachers aren’t the fundamental beneficiaries of this new sort of training framework. Thus its positive regular impact benefits each overall occupant by developing a progressively advantageous and practical planet.

Like the real-world homerooms, a virtual classroom is a perfect response for digitizing education. It makes it reachable at any time or in any location, globally, wherein the educator can connect with learners and students.

This is possible with the help of the best live class solution technology. In this way, creating a classroom-like structure.


An online education software infers a virtual class portal that has a real classroom-like structure for learning with HD sound and video quality.

  • Our online live class streaming progresses the collaboration of different hosts in the teaching technique at the same time. Which helps with making it progressively capable and effective for the two teachers and students as they can learn anytime, anywhere, and in any location.
  • Our virtual classroom software ensures that the teacher and the students are in a condition of agreement with each other i.e., So the mentor can teach the students easily and the students, subsequently, can learn, pose inquiries and requests and build up their insight base.
  • We facilitate the best online teaching software with EDINSO LMS which helps with creating and overseeing courses, your website, etc. The principal purpose of this online teaching software is to make a strong and suitable classroom to convey!

  • Our live class solution offers a chat window system that permits students to work together with the teacher. They can even connect with each other through a little chat box. This supports them in clearing their inquiries, involving themselves for discussions & presenting requests. You can also get answers concerning a particular thought!
  • You can even change it into a chronicle classroom wherein you can record your session. This recording can be shared with anyone, anytime, and in any location.
  • A huge and engaging advantage of EDINSO Live class software is screen sharing which enables the instructor to share any sort of files like PDF records, Word reports, PowerPoint presentations, recordings, etc., with anyone present in the live session. Thus this helps with improving the authenticity of students in our online live class software through a natural whiteboard, presentation options, tests, reviews, and so on!

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Since teachers need to go the extra mile to smooth out the advantages of eLearning, they can give close thought to the accompanying energy-saving tips and pass these tips along to the students.

MG EDINSO Live Class Software is one that is not only pocket-friendly but also user-friendly matching the needs and requirements of every Institution and Organization.

We at Multigraphics Group offer our helping hand to grow online education globally! Get all these features within minimum investment and zero hidden costs. We assure you that you will not get software like this anywhere!

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us today and grab you Live Class Software now!

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