Benefits of Using an Institute ERP

Running an institution has become a mammoth task in its own right and might even seem unmanageable at times. The inculcation of computers into the management system has eased the burden to a great extent, however, even so, many issues still exist and can prove to be very problematic for core management. The inception of Institute ERP or Institute Management Systems have now risen to the task and are now the answer to all the questions and problems that can occur at an institute. Using an Institute ERP you can very effectively manage all the inquiries that are coming to you online or offline. You can see the sources of inquiry to get a gist of which advertising media is working the best for you. Contact your prospective students at any time later in just a few clicks with our software. Additionally, it helps you keep a track of all your current students’ information such as their courses, fees structure, attendance, and contact information. Search for any or a group of students and filter results with powerful and advanced filtration and search tools.

In the monetary department, an Institute ERP can keep track of all the fees collected, fees dues and previous carryforwards of every student. With the push of a key or a click on the mouse, you can get all the important reports of the students who have not paid fees and the amount that they are due to pay. It also has an automated reminder option wherein the institute can send automated messages and reminders to students and parents whenever their due date is around the corner.

Communicate with selective or all the students of your courses or classes at any time with just a few clicks over SMS and Emails, Email and SMS them about important notifications and send them important circulars, notes or other documents whenever the need arises.

For institutes with one or more sub-centers or franchise, many Institute ERP software has a head office franchise module option incorporated in them to track daily activities and the progress of your center. You get to view and download the Enquiry reports, Student details, Admissions, and Fees collection reports of your center. You can also communicate with your centers over Email and SMS with extreme ease.

Your data remains encrypted and secure and could only be accessed by a valid administrator with the proper authority and administrative rights. Your data is never leaked and remains secured with additional security protocols like multi-level password locking, rotational pass-keys, so on and so forth. Your data is ideally backed up on a regular basis to ensure that there is always a fall-back option in the event that the server crashes ruling out the possibility of data loss.

In addition to fee payment reminders, an Institute ERP software can also be programmed to send messages to your students and their parents regarding important dates, events and celebratory wishes including festival greetings and birthday wishes, establishing a personal and strong bond with your institute’s students and their parents.

Operating and navigating an Institute ERP has become very easy in recent days, it can even be said that if an individual knows how to access and send emails, they would be able to use an INSTITUTE ERP without many efforts. Institute ERP nowadays come with a dynamic and simplistic user interface making it extremely easy to learn and use.

Major emphasis is given on reducing the institution’s cost, so designers and developers brainstorm and develop the easiest of solutions available making learning how to use Institute ERP a breeze, hence reducing your cost by saving you the trouble of training personnel for the task.

Institute Management Systems are already tested and used by hundreds of Play Schools, Activity Centres, Open University Centres, Tuition Centres, Coaching and Training Institutes, Gym, Libraries, and other similar businesses. Institute ERPs have become a one-stop solution for all your institution management needs and has proven itself to be effective against both major and minor issues making institutional management an easier task than what it used to be.

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