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Idea Solution for eLeaning Software Solution in 2020

Learning Management System is Idea Solution for Online Education E- Learning than the Live Class. It has been observed during the Covid 19 that the Live Class is not perfect Ideal Solution for E- Learning. Online Classes, students getting bored, stressed, strained, loose attention after some time, mentally and physically stressed, instead of concentrating on […]

Benefits of LMS in Quality Assurance Training

What is EDINSO LMS? EDINSO LMS gives you the power to incorporate certifications and requirements of various quality compliance organizations into the Learning Management System. Therefore, you can embed electronic signatures, create varied reviews, and deduct compliance data. It eliminates the need to invest in additional software and tools to track performance and quality metrics. […]


Digital Shift of Education

The Digital shift in the field of education due to the COVID-19 crisis has changed the educational era completely. It has significantly changed the way human beings learn. Unlike the traditional classroom method of teaching, online teaching or more referred to as E-learning has transformed the way students and learners grab the concepts. Online learning […]