LMS for Product Development Training

Executing a new program or introducing a new product in your organization? In spite of the excitement of introducing something new, preparing your employees on its features and appropriate use turns into a taxing task. Utilizing EDINSO’s Learning Management System, all your content can be effectively uploaded to start preparing your employees swiftly and effectively.

Improve Productivity

At the point when employees are investing hours of their workday in instructional meetings, the general efficiency goes down. Utilizing EDINSO, representatives can do their training at a time that better suits their schedule.

Lower Costs

All that you require to effectively finish your online training is offered by EDINSO. There is no extra expense of buying other programming or need to figure out how to utilize technical programs.

Blended Learning

In-person preparing can be successful, yet can likewise be exorbitant and inconvenient. Utilizing the EDINSO LMS, you can take in-person group training and join it with virtual training. Schedule face to face seminars whilst giving online content to provide the ideal balance.

Why Choose the EDINSO LMS for Product Training?

  • Improve employee productivity
  • No additional software required
  • Natural training experience
  • Cheaper than other training methods


With EDINSO‘s instinctive, lauded interface, assembling a course has never been simpler – spend minutes, not days.

Continuous User Tracking

Get at-a-glance information about your courses with easy-to-read rundowns for course activity, progress, and performance.

Security Guaranteed

EDINSO LMS utilizes cutting edge safety measures to guarantee that all that you transfer is secure and kept private.

Managing Your Material

Adding material is as simple as relocating documents into your platform. With help for most major file types, as well as the capacity to reuse the material in a boundless number of courses, preparing your workers has never been simpler.

Customization Options

EDINSO LMS gives you a chance to alter your stage to mirror your organization’s image and branding. Everything from the completion certificates and email notifications, to the stage hues and space, are editable, making them feel as if they are without anyone else site.

Analytic Reporting

In a split second get reports with metrics that you specify. Customized reports will give you an exhaustive comprehension of how your users are getting along in courses and evaluations, giving you a chance to see exactly how effective your training is.

Using EDINSO, you will discover exactly how simple and affordable it is to utilize our Learning Management System (LMS). Our training solution for product training gives all of you the tools you’ll have to make the most out of EDINSO’s platform – all that you need in one place


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Digitization of Education, Training, Exam & Assessment

A trend of Education has been altogether changed, previously students & candidates go for education, further studies, higher education abroad, one state to other states, it was too much & highly expensive, only upper class affords the same & medium class students take loans on heavy interest or sell their property. This scenario is changed altogether.

Now a day’s education is digitized, Faculty Expert, Educationist, Training Professional delivers lectures from the  Virtual Class Room, Smart Class Room, these classes can be recorded simultaneously, & delivered to a candidate in a classroom, to a laptop, desktop Or on tab any time & any location in the world. Video & Audio quality of lectures so clear that gives feel the classroom environment. A student can resolve his queries during the lecture or at the end of the lecture. Multigraphics Group provides the high-end world-class hardware & software for the Online Classes.

These recorded classes can be uploaded on Learning Management Portal, a candidate can review his video classes, content pdf & displays inserting login & password on the portal provided by the authorities. Multigraphics Group provides an ideal & unique portal for online education & training with white leveling.

Exams are also conducted on the same portal, examiner uploads the questions with answer keys, these questions are of multiple choice types, fill in the blanks, matrix type. During the examinations, a window cannot be changed, proctoring also done through webcam & CCTV installed for surveillance.

After the exam, there is a result declared with strong analytic giving the graphical colored comparative reports also suggests the strength, weakness & improvement areas, where a student needs to work hard.

Multigraphics Group LMS Portal is worldwide appreciated by leading Universities, Colleges, schools, institutes, Government Organizations, Semi Government, Public Sectors, MNC and Corporate for Entrance Exam, Professional Exams, Recruitment Exams, Training & Developments, Employees Assessments & Psychometric Tests.

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Smart learning for a smart future

In today’s day and age blackboard and chalks have taken retirement. Everything is driven by smart solutions with the help of technology. Modern-day classrooms have scaled up the use of digitized pedagogical tools such as audio-visual presentations, 3-D modeling, and online classes. The world we live in today is complex and rich with information. New Age gadgets have become everyday teaching tools that aid in demonstrations and delivering a better learning experience. Earlier e-learning was not accepted whole heartedly because it was assumed that it lacked the human element required for learning, however with the change in technology and advancements in the learning field it is now embraced all over the world. Books are gradually getting replaced by electronic educational materials which are handy, easily shareable and do not wither with the passing of time. Even in the corporate sector training and quality are provided by smart learning. The smart learning experience is not linear compared to conventional means of learning and often the learning media is beautifully and smartly designed which makes the learning experience pleasant. The thing with conventional means of learning is that it is monotonous whilst the human brain is more susceptible to learn with visuals and interactive learning. Smart learning provides a more dynamic learning environment and is different from the rudimentary ways of teaching used in past years. Classes are designed in such a way that more number of students can be taught at the same time by a professor which specializes in a particular element along with one to one interaction between the student and professor via electrical media whilst the class is underway. Along with the classroom experience, the smart class solution provides simulated online test and assessment models for the students to assist themselves before giving the actual exam. It is crucial to change with the change of tide and ride this wave that is technology for a better future and a better tomorrow.

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