Orientation Training on LMS

Online Employee orientation ― acquainting new hires with their new environment and giving them the essential information, they require to begin being productive ― is a significant piece of human resource management and a perfect fit for an e-learning solution.

A new recruit may have breezed through his interviews decisively, and may even realize all there is about the technical aspects of his position, however despite everything he should be demonstrated how your organization works, from essential stuff, as where he can get IT help, to significant information from a QA and legal perspective, for example, the policies and standards you follow.

An e-learning system is an ideal fit for employee orientation purposes for several reasons:

The new employee can take the e-learning introduction course at his own pace, while as yet continuing ahead with everything else that he needs to do in his first days or weeks. Above all, he can allude back to it months or years later ― at whatever point he needs to invigorate his insight on any of the topics canvassed in it.

You don’t need to dedicate assets and hamper your productivity over orientation work.

An e-learning orientation course can be comprehensive, covering all the required topics, since you can consider what you have to cover previously and guarantee that everything is there. Casual, face to face, introduction visits and talks can skip or overlook a few subjects.

An e-learning orientation course can utilize the LMS system to track attendance and completion status. This can fill in as lawful evidence that your organization has in fact given knowledge of stuff like company policy, sexual harassment laws, and so forth, with the new hire, in case of a dispute.

An e-learning based orientation course can incorporate tests and activities to gauge a new hire’s comprehension of the orientation material, and, even better, those tests can be consequently evaluated by the LMS system.

Learning management system can serve from tens to hundreds of learners, so it can develop as your organization develops. Orientation courses can be specialized per departments as well as employment position, and regular material can be reused effortlessly.

Last, however not least, an LMS is essential for a modern enterprise for things that go a long way past orientation courses. It tends to be utilized in sales, in HR, for compliance training, and obviously for general employee training and re-training. In the event that your organization as of now utilizes an LMS for all the above mentioned, at that point is there any valid reason why you wouldn’t likewise use it for your employee orientation needs? Also, in the event that it doesn’t, well, it should.

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Current Trends in Online Education

Online education has profoundly changed the landscape of present-day education. We’re learning in a new and progressively liquid environment, one ready with open doors for students of every kind.

The following are six current patterns in online training.

Virtual Learning Environment

This innovation replaces an office buildings gallery of administrators, assistant teachers, file cabinets, and desk work. Virtual learning situations (VLE) expand both the study hall and the administrator’s office. VLE without a moment’s delay handles teaching duties, for example, grade books, auto-scoring, and attendance sheets as well as administrative obligations, for example, enrolment, updating class records, auto-sending messages for absent students, notifying guardians of unpaid bills, tracking payroll and bookkeeping data.

Flipped Classroom

Ever worked on homework, late on a weeknight, just to be stalled by one question? You can’t complete your homework on the grounds that the following ten questions are much the same as that one. You wrestle and battle, however, the solution eludes you. Disappointed, you pack it in. The flipped classroom turns everything around, exchanging the time committed to homework and class lectures. You’ll finish assignments in the classroom rather than at home. This implies whey you get stuck at a question; the educator is directly there to mentor you along. In the interim, classwork and lesson plans should be possible at home through video lectures and on-screen tutorials. Numerous math and science classrooms have received this model.

Mastery Learning

mastery learning expects understudies to master a concept or skill before pushing forward. Rather than regarding a 60 or 70 as a “passing grade,” students are required to exhibit mastery in that subject by responding to all questions accurately. We wouldn’t make do with a cardiologist who is just 90% skillful to perform heart surgeries or a dentist who cleans just 70% of your teeth. Likewise, mastery learning expects students to ace the material with obvious 100% competency.

Project-Based Learning

Well-planned Project-Based Learning programs spread all the primary learning results expected for a given branch of knowledge whilst preparing students to share and compose responsibilities, give peer review, work in groups, take part in self-coordinated learning, separate projects into discrete and reasonable parts, and take care of complex issues. It’s significant that, as an online student, you stay connected to the process. You should figure out how to impart, collaborate, and be a decent cooperative person. A lot of your achievement in a PBL setting relies upon your capacity to work with different students through the online medium.

Collaborative Learning

For some online students, segregation can be a serious challenge. They may float by collectively through their studies as strangers who never genuinely engage each other. Luckily, schools and instructors are progressively enthusiastic about this concern. A growing effort executes a cooperative web-based learning process to defy this test.

Collaborative learning alludes to the rational idea that we frequently adapt best by working with others as a group. Collaborative learning applies a goal-oriented focus to these activities so students are cooperating not just on the activity but are also effectively gaining from one another, through one another, and about one another, all while finishing assignments together.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid or blended learning — where students use a blend of on-campus and online resources — is an alluring alternative for some students, particularly the individuals who live within a reasonable distance of campus yet require the adaptability that accompanies online classroom attendance. By taking a mix of both online and in-person classes, you can adjust the comfort and availability of online participation with access to campus resources, including teachers, libraries, and your fellow classmates.

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Benefits of LMS in Quality Assurance Training

EDINSO LMS gives you the power to incorporate certifications and requirements of various quality compliance organizations into the Learning Management System. Therefore, you can embed electronic signatures, create varied reviews, and deduct compliance data. EDINSO LMS eliminates the need to invest in additional software and tools to track performance and quality metrics. This makes EDINSO LMS the ideal Learning Management System for quality assurance compliance checks.

Sensitive data requires advanced encryption and security protocols. This holds a strong significance in manufacturing industries where there may be security audits by governmental agencies. EDINSO LMS provides extensive security protection measures to ensure that your LMS metrics and data remain well guarded. Henceforth, you don’t have to worry about your Key Performance Indicators reports being compromised during a security breach.

EDINSO LMS allows you to validate Standard Operating Procedures and employee skills. EDINSO gives you access to online training files for all of your employees in the event of an audit. You’re able to provide proof that employees are up-to-date with compliance and certifications. This is further aided by the electronic signature feature that EDINSO LMS provides.

Our embedded evaluation tool allows you to create both qualitative and quantitative assessments. With EDINSO LMS, you can monitor your employee’s performance and check their knowledge base. The EDINSO LMS even features sub-questions that enable you to test procedural experience and clinical reasoning skills.

There are some compliance issues that require certifications. EDINSO LMS gives you the ability to issue certificates based on specific criteria. As a result, you can ensure that every employee is up to the code and has the personalized online training resources and assessment matter that they need. EDINSO aids your organization in authenticating and validating individual competencies and skill sets.

Additionally, EDINSO LMS has a broad range of features, from curriculum organization to online training personalization. More so, its prime feature is the ability to track quality and performance metrics. You have the power to screen results, participation rates, and assessment values. It even gives you visual representation of your employee’s evaluations so that you can track patterns and trends in the LMS.

One of the most effective ways to meet QA requirements is to recruit employees who already have the necessary skills and experience. For example, those who are familiar with compliance protocols and regulations. EDINSO LMS offers a human resources tool that allows you to identify and vet top candidates. As such, you find the most qualified person for the job based on employee competencies.

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Choosing the right LMS

Learning Management System is a quintessential tool to deliver online education, be it academic or professional. The numbers of organizations opting for a Learning Management System increases every day to manage and administer training to their employees. It is swift and effective and provides centralized control and quality of content. With numerous LMS options available in the market, how does an organization choose one that’s right for them?

Given below are 4 tips that will aid you in your quest to choose the right LMS.

Identify your training needs

Before choosing an LMS that suits your needs it’s mandatory to list and define the requirements you require your LMS to fulfill. A holistic opinion which is gathered from people belonging to various departments and functions such as trainers, specialists and so on is recommended. Some key factors to identify are

  • The nature of the training you want to deliver
  • How will the training be delivered?
  • The number of trainees
  • The budget for the LMS

Identify your target audience

Keep your target audience in mind whilst finalizing your requirements. In case your end users aren’t technologically sound they would require an LMS which is not only rich in features but also user-friendly. The LMS should be easily used by people who are using, operating and administering the LMS.

Evaluate your options

For the evaluation process, search for your available options and shortlist 8-10 providers.

It is advisable to evaluate your options by either asking for a demo or availing a free trial of the shortlisted options to assess which LMS is most feasible to the organization. Check the functionality of the LMS in relation to your needs and requirements also keeping in mind your future needs as well as making sure that the option is in line with your budget.

Look through support and maintenance

A Learning Management System like any other software requires maintenance and troubleshooting in the event that an issue arises. And a well-endowed tech-support from your LMS provider can make all the difference in the world.

The pointers mentioned above can streamline your LMS choosing process and help make you choose the right option for you.

EDINSO LMS is one of the leading Learning Management Systems in the market available in the market with a comprehensive array of features, top-notch support, and great value for money.

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Is Online Learning Management System same as E-learning Software?


The term e-Learning is an expansive idea that portrays learning material conveyed on the web which has a huge amount of advantages.

eLearning is a period and financially savvy route for associations to stay up with the latest ongoing new systems and essential data.

We characterize eLearning as courses that are explicitly conveyed through the web to someplace other than the classroom where the educator is instructing.


Online Learning Management System:

An LMS is a software platform for conveying learning material on the web. Likewise, it gives you instruments to oversee preparing and improvement, increment student commitment, and fabricate a feeling of network.

You can assign substance to explicit groups of learners in an LMS. The framework has instruments that give you a chance to follow how clients travel through eLearning content. It likewise has devices that give students a chance to connect with the substance and one another—which is vital.




  • Online learning management system alludes to utilizing on the web apparatuses for learning whereas E-learning commonly alludes to the online communication between you as a student and an educator.
  • Online learning management system alludes to utilizing on the web instruments for learning. Lectures, assignments, tests are altogether empowered by virtual stages whereas E-learning can be utilized in a study hall or an internet setting. Moreover, it tends to be utilized to recreate and strengthen work-based learning circumstances.
  • Online learning management system can be depicted as the mix of mixed learning and e-Learning as the most part utilizes online instruments like ezTalks Cloud Meeting and so forth for learning the course whereas in spite of the fact that students can utilize disconnected materials like paper to send their reaction, they are associated with their educator through a web association as it were. They can send the image of their reaction online to their instructor.

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Signs that your organization needs a Learning Management System

Organizations need to ceaselessly update their systems and fuse the latest technology to be on the ball and continue in this ever-developing world. For this reason, they have to consistently prepare their employees so they can adapt to the progressions happening in the association. Preparing and improvement of employees is a tedious and time-burning undertaking, particularly if an association is worldwide and has hundreds or thousands of employees. In this situation, a Learning Management System or LMS fills in as an imperative way to prepare an expansive number of employees all the while.

As an HR Manager or Learning & Development Head, you may consider the upsides and downsides of an LMS, regardless of whether it is required in the association or will it just be a superfluous cost? All things considered, to help you in settling on your choice, we have listed 5 noteworthy signs which demonstrate you may truly need to consider utilizing a Learning Management System.

  1. You need a Centralized Knowledge System

An expansive or developing business will require countless training resources. These resources should be consolidated and facilitated on a unified framework and imparted to clients, employees or partners to keep them abreast. Without a centralized system, your employees or partners will most likely be unable to utilize or share the most recent training resources prompting knowledge gaps. Learning Management System or LMS can be useful in making a centralized knowledge system. You can make and host all your training content about various aspects at a central location and make it accessible to your workers throughout your organization.

  1. You have to Train Different Groups of People

Preparing a diverse group of employees from different offices requires various separate instructional courses unique in relation to one another. Conveying such instructional meetings in-person is a tedious assignment and furthermore prompts expanded travel and coordination cost.

With the assistance of an LMS, you can configure separate preparing programs and allocate them to different gatherings. You will almost certainly train every one of these gatherings from different offices productively.

  1. You have to Train Remote and Dispersed Learners

On the off chance that your employees or students are remote, booking an instructional meeting and motivating them to learn in the meantime turns into an overwhelming errand.

Using an LMS, it is simpler for the workers to prepare whenever as per their convenience. They are not bounded to go to a specific instructional meeting at a specific area. Further, a correct LMS is open by means of all versatile and tablet gadgets which makes it ideal for remote preparing.

  1. You are investing a great deal of energy in Training Administration

Preparing Administration exercises like booking instructional meetings, conveying sessions, assessment of appraisals, following advancement and participation can be very tedious and costly.

A Learning Management System can enable you to computerize a great deal of these exercises and spare you time, vitality and money. An LMS can follow the learning progress of your employees, assess and catch their evaluations and skill and convey them as reports.

Further, you can automate the learning delivery by making different learning ways for various gatherings of workers as indicated by their capacities and dimension of skill required.

  1. You have to convey Training in Cost Effective way

Preparing a vast number of employees can be both tedious and exorbitant. Thus, rather than making huge costs for reserving for areas, enlisting a coach, traveling, printing and different costs, you put resources into a Learning Management System and save money on expense.

Utilizing an LMS, employees can get to preparing from anyplace at a time of their choosing. You can follow their course progress, test execution, competency level and preparing adequacy from a centralized system.

Learning Management System is an essential solution which can be utilized in preparing your employees proficiently and adequately. On the off chance that you can identify with any of the situations portrayed above, you may genuinely need to think about utilizing an LMS.

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The New Way to Learn

As a university student from the 90s, it was hard for me to grasp the concept of e-learning. But now that I have developed a knack for it I could argue that it is a much developed and modern way of teaching and learning. The old method of teaching is effective but not the most efficient way of learning. I was amazed to see how technology has caught up with the educational field. Schools, colleges and corporates have embraced it gracefully. There are many perks when it comes to e-learning. Almost on spot feedback and results along with tracking of one’s progress and the discrete nature of result delivery give even the most conscious of souls a chance to thrive.
On the management side of things, e-learning provides a phenomenal service. Along with providing much-needed aid in the classroom delivering the course, learning management systems provide analytics, progress tracking, study trends, and course material management. With the conventional method of teaching updating the syllabus is a gruesome task. But with e-learning, the course material is updated frequently so that the students are a step ahead of the rapidly changing world.
The potential of e-learning is beyond the classroom. Self-study and self-learning have been greatly advanced by the emergence of a learning management system. For students, the most effective way of learning has to be the most economical way as well and E-learning has proven itself in that field. Books and other study material are now easily accessible and exchangeable thanks to the advancements in technology. Even the content for teaching has changed into slideshows, PDFs, and excel spreadsheets. Students take up the doubts and questions via chats and interactive group discussions. E-learning is such an affordable solution that it provides even the busiest person to carry on with their studies and to gain professional skills even when studying through a distance learning program without attending college whilst working regularly.
Traditional learning is expensive, gruesome and not suited for every student. The importance of e-learning is now a given fact and it can offer an alternative that is much faster, cheaper and potentially better.
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