The Online examination system is a cloud-based stage that can be successfully used to make tests, assignments, quizzes, and internal survey. It is a verified spot where teachers can present tests online and can even assess and share feedback on a similar platform

Higher education is a vital learning period for students and ought to be coordinated with all the best systems to upgrade the learning result. With online exam portal, teachers can consistently survey students to get updates on their progress and can share it alongside with the guardians too

As a valuable tool, it can be utilized to test any sort of idea through quizzes, assessments, and tests that can be made in various formats in an effectively customizable way

Students are likewise at an advantage while utilizing online evaluation tool as they get a wide platform to interact on a degree of learning and showcase their abilities in an imaginative way which isn’t the situation with a customary assessment system

Now what is so uncommon about its highlights:

  • Add and register users on online exam portal for assessments over any kind of gadgets– Mobile, PC, desktop even tablet
  • Plan or re-plan tests as per the accessibility and time
  • Create instant scorecards which can be imparted to the students at the same time
  • Offer pertinent educational and learning material with individual students or in a group without a moment’s delay
  • Students get regular notices on their online exam portal through which they can follow the ongoing status for results or upcoming assessments
  • They can likewise make payments for the courses or tests series brought and can submit a soft copy of documents


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E-Learning today has overwhelmed the world and helped make learning on the go, a norm. Today, students approach numerous forms of content which intend to engage the learner. E-Learning is likewise utilized to supplement Instructor-Led Training Modules, with the goal that a learner can get the best of both worlds and can rapidly apply their recently gained aptitudes, at work

The advantages of e-learning are multi-fold. Some outstanding and recognized advantages incorporate quicker conveyance, lower costs, increasingly viable learning, and no-geographical constraints. E-Learning will continue to be a compelling instrument for self-development for audiences, for a considerable length of years to come


There can be various Advantages of an E-Learning Portal :

  1. You can link the different resources in various formats
  2. It is an exceptionally effective method for conveying courses online
  3. Because of its convenience and adaptability, the resources are accessible from anyplace and whenever
  4. Everybody, who are part-time students or are working all day, can take advantages of online/web-based learning
  5. Online learning promotes active and free learning
  6. As you can approach the net 24×7, you can prepare yourself whenever and from anyplace moreover
  7. It is an extremely advantageous and adaptable choice; most importantly, you don’t need to rely upon anybody for anything
  8. Not only would you be able to prepare yourself on an everyday premise, but also on weekends or at whatever point you have the free time There is no firm rule

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The Best Time to Join Online Education

Online Courses are the most ideal method of getting education for those students who haven’t had access to quality education at reasonable prices. The days when we need to migrate in huge urban areas for going to conventional school and colleges are long behind us. Through online classrooms, a student can accomplish their educational objectives from any part of the world with no problem. Online Colleges and Universities offer courses based upon explicit industry prerequisites and it prepares students for the employment sector based with fully prepared and skilled graduates.
Online Classrooms give adaptable time plan that you can go to whenever. This is an extraordinary preferred standpoint over customary school wherein each student is bound to the class schedules. In the event that you need to go to online classes, you need to finish all the pre-essential formalities of registration. After finishing the registration process, you can promptly access your
The primary focus of online classes is to convey applicable education at sensible costs in a helpful manner. You can choose your course of interest from any forms of dissemination set up by online schools and universities. The course material given by online schools is of high quality that guarantees graduates will always be prepared to the best of their capacity.
Albeit Online Courses give extraordinary adaptability of time, yet they additionally require incredible devotion and order to keep concentrated in light of the absence of stringent due dates amid the program. So, an individual should join online classes when he possesses enough energy for great dedication at any rate to commit four to six hours.
Ideally, this type of freedom comes during the summer holidays of students, especially after their secondary education. Students can devote an ample amount of time to their online courses and make full use of the exhaustive online library which offers a plethora of courses. Moreover, students can additionally devote time after their senior secondary and competitive examinations, doing so will ensure that they are putting their time off to good use and are doing something productive in their time off.

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5 Interesting Facts about Online Examination Tools!

A large number of online test creation tools accessible currently are extremely helpful. When the applicant completes the test, the software displays the result. Many of these tools are additionally equipped with the answer-processing module. Amid the test, an applicant will be appointed with a specific time-period to answer the questions. When that time will pass, the answer paper will be disabled. Soon the answers given by the candidate will be sent to the teacher or the examiner. An examiner can assess the answers physically or this can be done automatically by the software itself. Soon the result of the test will be sent to those applicants via email or other online means. This is a really simple, quick and progressively helpful method for conducting exams online. Nowadays, a few associations and educational institutions are conducting these kinds of tests online.

5 fascinating actualities about the online examination apparatuses:

  1. Online test creation tools exist which come with progressively dependable and versatile features. These are the minimal effort tools which you can use to conduct tests online regardless of where you are situated on this planet.
  2. Online test creation software is useful in terms of averting cheat. This kind of software comes with cheat counteractive prevention features like your students can’t return to the last answer sheet for which they have just replied. That page will be consequently locked once the appropriate responses are submitted. You can even sign in prior to the students and can keep them from signing in before the exam time and attending it in an unfair way.
  3. When you are utilizing an online examination system or software, you can get assistance or customer support service 24×7. This is a great thing to have when you need to eliminate the issues that you may face with the utilization of such new software.
  4. The next huge part associated with the use of online examination tools is that you can conduct the test online and gather the answers online too. But, there is the twist, you can leave the answer checking like work to the software and this will be performed consequently. Also, when you need to do this task on your own, you can pick the offline mode to check the answers physically too. This is how an online test creator can offer a complete solution for your offline and online tests.
  5. The last big fact about online test creation software is that you can classify the test effectively. That implies you can make the training evaluation for your studies online. You will almost certainly set up the test plan and the test itself online too. Furthermore, when you are done, you can pick when you need to distribute the tests. It’s that straightforward! When you are doing so physically, you may go over a few issues that regularly begin with dealing with the questions, allocating them with papers and taking copies of the same, telling students about the timings of the test, and so on yet when you are utilizing an online test creation software you can avoid every one of these problems effectively.

With so many advantages and fascinating facts related to online examination tools, the trend to conduct tests online further is by all accounts having a bright future. Using this kind of tool online to lead the test is definitely going to help students and instructors from various perspectives. Best of all, while using this kind of online examination system online, you can lead practically any sort of test while keeping your data secure and because of this reason, numerous schools and colleges are presently taking the assistance of online examination systems as opposed to leading the tests physically.


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Mobile Application Based Online Exam

Multigraphics Group has developed the Mobile App for conducting the Online Exam, however, previously it was Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet-Based Exam. Now conducting the Exam, Practice Test and appearing in the exam has become very easy and simple.

There are two panels, one is an admin panel, which can upload the questions with multiple choice, fill in the blanks, etc. The second panel is for the student where he can appear in the Exam can view the questions with multiple choice, fill in the blanks and reply the all the questions. Once he completes the exam, he can submit as timings are set by the admin.

After submission of the exam, result is processed with analytic. Analytic will give the comparison in colored graphical reports with previous exams, with the topper, a number of questions appeared, right questions, wrong questions. Strength weakness and improvement area, where the students have to work hard. We can add more and more to analytics to understand the comparative reports.  This Solution is web-based, cloud-based.

Online Examination is the Fastest, Simple, Transparent, Human Error Free, Least Manpower requirement, being the technology-based solution, hence economical. That’s why the all the Universities, Institutes, Colleges, Schools, Coaching Institutes, Government, Semi Government, uses the Online Exam Portal for conducting the practice test, entrance exams, recruitment exams. Online Exam Mobile app based is worldwide appreciated.

Multigraphics Group is the leading Technology based company provide the IT Solutions for eLearning, Online Examination and Analytic. Corporate Houses uses these solutions for field training and assessments.


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3 Ways in Which Data Analytics is Changing Online Education Sector

In education, the academic choices made by an educator to gauge a student’s comprehension of the material or compose the structure of a course may perhaps have the best effect on student learning and the rate of graduation. Excellent guidance may diminish the time a student takes to gain proficiency with certain material, enable students to get more data in a similar measure of time and help them to settle on better choices about what they ought to really consider.

To pose the correct inquiries, to utilize enormous information as an instrument to help our basic leadership, it is significant for instructors and students to see how data analytics can bolster the learning procedure. Three different ways we can profit by utilizing Big Data is gaining by its capacity to gauge understanding, customize the learning background, and help us plan all the more intriguing courses.

Measure, Monitor and Respond

Data Analytics enables an instructor to gauge, screen, and react, continuously to a student’s comprehension of the material. Analytics, demonstrating how they learn can enable instructors to adjust their teaching styles and address students’ needs before the last grade is delivered. This is a significant advancement for instructors since it will reinforce our capacity to address any oblivious predispositions we may have towards the commitment or execution of our understudies.

Customize the Learning Experience

Make courses intriguing for students with various dimensions of information. Presentation courses can regularly have understudies with various dimensions of key learning. Utilizing information investigation to comprehend where every student is battling or exceeding expectations can enable you to offer diverse beginning material for every student inside a similar course. This will improve their enthusiasm for the subject, and demonstrate to whom and when explicit learning substance ought to be delivered.

Plan A New Course

A key test for institutes is to rapidly comprehend what industry needs and to convey educational programs to fulfil those needs. Analytics can be utilized to get market and work patterns and to arrange early on courses and major learning standards around rising thoughts in the business world.

Assessing a student’s understanding is a standout amongst the most significant obligations of being a teacher. It decides the speed at which you spread the subject, the volume of data you can give, and the assortment of related ideas that can be conveyed inside the measure of time you have with them. Frequently, a teacher amid their lectures may address students to clarify and expand on key thoughts, give a test, or utilize the mid-term test to survey comprehension and measure the future execution of their students.

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How Online Exam Portal is beneficial in Conducting the Pre Exams, Post Exams & Surveys

Initially, all the Pre Exams, Post Exams, Entrance Exams, Recruitment Exams, Political Surveys to judge voting trend, Statics Scientific Surveys, Marketing Surveys & their analysis were conducted manually, it takes month years in completion of all the activity. There were a lot of chances of human error & human manipulations.

Since the Omr Sheet, Omr Sheet Scanning & Processing came into existence, it becomes very easy in analyzing & completing each activity in days. The Whole process becomes very fast, easy, simple, trusted & reliable solution, no chances of human error & human manipulation.

Omr Sheet Scanning Solution to conduct the Exams requires some manpower involvement & Omr Answer Sheet printing & transportation.

This is technology is going to be replaced with Online Exam Portal Solution.

Multigraphics is the first leading company in India, who starts printing the Omr Sheet in multiple parts, one candidate copy, second office/ record copy & third is candidate copy with all security features. There is no chance of human error & human manipulations. Omr sheets are so accurate with 105 gsm paper, all makes perfect for omr sheet scanning without error. It helps to bring a fast evaluation of the result.

Again, Multigraphics is the first company who developed the Online Exam Portal, utilizing its 25-year expertise, all the drawbacks of Hardware-based technology taken into account, thus making the whole process very simple, efficient, fast, transparent & accurate.

A questionnaire is uploaded at the time of Exam, so no chance of question paper leak during paper setting, printing, transportation & storage.

Proctoring of Exam being done through webcam & CCTV, surveillance can be done through a centralizing system, window change is also not possible during the exam, so no chance of copying.

Strong Graphical Analytic reports the strength, weakness & improvement areas of a student.

All the Pre & Post Exams, Entrance Exams, Professional Exams, Recruitment Exams, Political Surveys, Marketing & Static Surveys are conducted through Online Technology Solution all over the world nowadays.

At our set, this Online exam technology is so much economical, hence very much affordable.

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