With technological progressions, online examination software is turning into a prevalent apparatus in the realm of education to conduct exams online. Online tests are intuitive, adaptable, reliable, secure, and can be gotten to in various gadgets online

This software has connoted themselves as a shelter for the students and institutions as it simplifies the whole examination process

The methods of education are growing far and wide. Education isn’t constrained to the four walls of a classroom and a blackboard, it has extended to your fingertips because of propelling innovation

Numerous educational foundations presently are utilizing innovation to make processes like Admissions, Examinations, Fee Payment, and so forth accessible online so they are streamlined and can be followed effectively

There are various advantages of an Online Examination Software for both, Students and Institutions:


  1. They can give the exam from anywhere on the planet
  2. Results are produced automatically
  3. They can contrast their results and that of others to improve
  4. It sets aside cash as there are no voyaging costs


  1. Spares paper as they don’t need to print a test
  2. Sets aside cash as they don’t need to purchase paper or some other resources
  3. It is increasingly secure as you can make big question banks with a lot of questions
  4. Statistical analysis of results should be possible with that of the past information as those records can be pulled whenever

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The Online examination system is a cloud-based stage that can be successfully used to make tests, assignments, quizzes, and internal survey. It is a verified spot where teachers can present tests online and can even assess and share feedback on a similar platform

Higher education is a vital learning period for students and ought to be coordinated with all the best systems to upgrade the learning result. With online exam portal, teachers can consistently survey students to get updates on their progress and can share it alongside with the guardians too

As a valuable tool, it can be utilized to test any sort of idea through quizzes, assessments, and tests that can be made in various formats in an effectively customizable way

Students are likewise at an advantage while utilizing online evaluation tool as they get a wide platform to interact on a degree of learning and showcase their abilities in an imaginative way which isn’t the situation with a customary assessment system

Now what is so uncommon about its highlights:

  • Add and register users on online exam portal for assessments over any kind of gadgets– Mobile, PC, desktop even tablet
  • Plan or re-plan tests as per the accessibility and time
  • Create instant scorecards which can be imparted to the students at the same time
  • Offer pertinent educational and learning material with individual students or in a group without a moment’s delay
  • Students get regular notices on their online exam portal through which they can follow the ongoing status for results or upcoming assessments
  • They can likewise make payments for the courses or tests series brought and can submit a soft copy of documents


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Why Omr Sheets is used for Exams, Practice Test and Registration form

Omr Sheet is the most economical, viable solution, efficient, fastest solution, 100 % accurate, human error-free solution and transparent solution for conducting the exams, practice test, registration form and any type of survey. Omr Sheet solution is appreciated and user-friendly all over the world by leading universities, institutes, colleges, schools, etc.

The end-user client can design the Omr Sheet on its own depending upon the personal information like candidate name, fathers name, date of birth, roll number, mobile number with security feature like Bar code, QR code, duplicity check, likewise we can add 24 security features on Omr Sheets. Omr Sheets can be of multipart like duplicate, triplicate, and quadruplicate. One copy is for an exam, second for record copy and the third copy is off candidate copy. Once an exam conducted by examining the body declares the answer key on the website or portal, the student matches his answer sheet with the answer key and like this, he can assess his marks on the basis of the right answer keys.

All the answer sheets scanned and processed with Oscan Omr Software after inserting the answer keys, we get the result in excel file or desired format. One of the unique features of Oscan Omr Software is that the scan images of Omr Sheet are ticked right for a right answer, wrong for the wrong answer with the square for the answer key. In scanning and processing of Omr Sheet takes a few seconds without any error. Therefore, Oscan OmrSoftware and OMR Sheet Solution by Multigraphics is the worldwide accepted solution for conducting the exams.

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