Technology has affected the whole teaching-learning procedure right from evaluations, lesson plans, classroom experience, and course books

As the educational segment turns out to be more competitive, digital transformation is presently turning into a vital method for survival as this new computerized world expects teachers to adapt and adopt advanced technologies, strategies and mindsets

Advantages of Digital Learning:

  • Making Students Smarter as they can identify what they need to learn, find and utilize online resources, apply the data on the current problem, and even assess resultant feedback
  • Making Students Self-Motivated and More Accountable as utilizing digital learning tools and technologies, they become progressively engaged with the process and increasingly keen on developing their knowledge base
  • Helps in Information Sharingas various digital learning tools and technology empower teachers to quickly impart data to different educators in real-time
  • Helps in Expanding Students’ Employability as they provide solutions based on problem-based learning concerning learning techniques that are productive, synergistic and calls the students’ attention to deal with the real-world approach

Digital learning tools and technology fill the gaps where traditional teaching falls behind

Truth be told, some of the efficiencies such tools bring are basically unmatchable by traditional learning procedures.

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E-Learning today has overwhelmed the world and helped make learning on the go, a norm. Today, students approach numerous forms of content which intend to engage the learner. E-Learning is likewise utilized to supplement Instructor-Led Training Modules, with the goal that a learner can get the best of both worlds and can rapidly apply their recently gained aptitudes, at work

The advantages of e-learning are multi-fold. Some outstanding and recognized advantages incorporate quicker conveyance, lower costs, increasingly viable learning, and no-geographical constraints. E-Learning will continue to be a compelling instrument for self-development for audiences, for a considerable length of years to come


There can be various Advantages of an E-Learning Portal :

  1. You can link the different resources in various formats
  2. It is an exceptionally effective method for conveying courses online
  3. Because of its convenience and adaptability, the resources are accessible from anyplace and whenever
  4. Everybody, who are part-time students or are working all day, can take advantages of online/web-based learning
  5. Online learning promotes active and free learning
  6. As you can approach the net 24×7, you can prepare yourself whenever and from anyplace moreover
  7. It is an extremely advantageous and adaptable choice; most importantly, you don’t need to rely upon anybody for anything
  8. Not only would you be able to prepare yourself on an everyday premise, but also on weekends or at whatever point you have the free time There is no firm rule

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Internet is a baffling world in reality. How we associate, how we act, how we see the world – it has reclassified everything. And step by step, it turned into an incredible instrument of training before we could know

The Learning Portal is a shift from the traditional classroom teaching where the students utilize free and interactive online examination materials rather than words crammed paper course books

These portals work like a free central directory or archive containing a range of study and preparing materials in the form of interactive and training recordings, websites, PDF documents and so on

There are various Advantages of these Learning Portals in the field of Modern Education:

  • You can search about what’s happening in your field of education, the most recent events, prescribed courses fit for your profile, online libraries, and discussion forums
  • You get the benefit of 24*7 online learning, hundreds and more examination materials, interactivity, social networking with your companions with no individual expense per feature
  • A Customized learning environment where you are allowed to pick the preferred platform for training
  • There are portals where you’ll be able to get almost all questions and answers for any subject

By using Multimedia features and user-centric data impartation system, learning portals provide a lot of freedom of alternatives and selection to the students, enable the faculties and establishments to remain connected with them and open a brand-new window of effective teaching to the tutors

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In this innovation-driven world of today’s, audio-visual aids are a better approach to learning. This is in effect unequivocally used in the education field to shockingly extensive limits making it a substantial facet of this sector
From schools to universities, audios and videos are the new course mandate. Particularly, in schools, where lectures exemplify the majority of the classroom interests, audios and videos turn out both as a gift and a necessity
Audio and video lectures have gigantically risen in the educational field becoming unimaginably mainstream among teachers and students equally
There are various advantages of studying through audio and video lectures. And they are:

1. Intrigue
One noteworthy explanation behind such an unconstrained growth of audio and video lectures is that it flings an instant enthusiasm among the students as they keep the students increasingly connected with and mindful hurling out dullness and fatigue

2. Notes making
At the disposal of choices like pause, repeat, re-play, note-taking comes to be a plain-sailing task
In contrast to standard lectures, where the teacher continues audio and video lectures make for a reviving change

3. Expedient in understanding advanced topics
Complex topics are often understood easily with the help of audio and video lectures
Permanent accessibility of such lectures makes you view them over and over as you would like until you get fully versed with the concept

4. Diverse teaching technique
With the provision of digital libraries, students don’t get stuck with one teaching technique as you’ll be able to browse between numerous lectures, each with a distinct method
Hence, if you don’t get clarity of concept from one lecture, you’ll be able to strive another with a distinct teaching technique.

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E-Learning has totally changed the manner by which learning is imparted to students. Unlike the traditional chalk and board strategy for teaching, eLearning makes learning more straightforward, simpler, and more effective

How are they useful to us?

Let us learn about some of the Advantages of E-Learning tools:

  • A prime advantage of learning online is that it ensures that you are in synchronization with present-day learners and have access to a refreshed substance at whatever point they need it 
  • eLearning is an approach to provide fast conveyance of lessons
  • When contrasted with traditional classroom teaching technique, this mode has relatively quick conveyance cycles and demonstrates that the time required to learn is decreased to 25%-60% of what is required in traditional learning
  • eLearning helps in making and imparting new training, policies, ideas, and thoughts
  • Regardless of whether it is for formal education or amusement, eLearning is an extremely brisk method for learning!
  • As eLearning is a paperless method for learning, it protects the environment to a great extent as there is no compelling reason to cut trees for acquiring paper
  • In this manner, eLearning is an exceptionally eco-friendly method for learning

YES! You’ll educate yourself within the comforts of your own residence and find a degree through the web. With the most recent technology, even the impossible look possible now

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